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11 Distinct Twitter Reactions to Ben Affleck as Batman

Everybody has something to say, but they're all saying 1 of 11 things.


11 Distinct Twitter Reactions to Ben Affleck as Batman
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How would you feel if you got a super sweet gig, CEO of some rad company that everybody loves, and then people petitioned The White House to get you fired? Well that's sort of what happened this week when Ben Affleck was named as the next Batman. Maybe it's because people were vying for Ryan Gosseling or Matthew Goode and Josh Brolin after Christian Bale opted out and nobody saw it coming.

But to be clear, this movie, still untitled, is a follow-up to Superman "Man of Steel" and will include, you guessed it, Superman. You'd think people would be more upset that they're re-creating Freddy vs. Jason with Batman and Superman than who's chosen to play the part. The movie is due out in June 2015, by the way.

Remember when they said Heath Ledger couldn't pull off the Joker? But I digress, the Internet is not OK with #Batfleck, the new hashtag dubbed for Ben Affleck as Batman. The Internet is inflamed with people taking out their hate sticks and thrashing them around. As @TimCarvell put it, "Spend ten years working your way back into everyone's good graces. Win an Oscar. Then you get cast as Batman, and BAM! You're Gigli again."

It wasn't all bad though. Here are 11 distinct types of reactions to the news, including the newest trending hashtag, #BetterBatmanThanBenAffleck which has turned out to be the least witty but longwinded hashtag ever.

1. Genuine concern for your health.

2. Jokes about who might make a better Batman, commonly including references to Oprah and photos of fat men in capes.

3. Lots, and lots of references to the Batman veterans.

4. Parents who are publicly upset that they "have" to see it (aka making excuses in advance cause y'know, they want to see it).

5. The folks who play dumb, and sometimes make a good Dr. Who joke in the meantime.

6. The jab at fanboys/girls. Preach, sister!

7. Ben Affleck is the new ... everything.

8. Haters for the haters.

9. History jokes. Have at 'em.

10. And people with a conscience who wonder what it would be like if we landed a sweet job and then the whole Internet told our boss to fire us.

11. Followed by the people who want to say "I told you so" if the miracle ends up not so terrible.

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