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Tweeting Jobs: How to Get Paid to Tweet at a Real Jobby Job

All the skills you need to get a legitimate job where your Tweet for a living


Tweeting jobs
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tweeting jobs
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If you came here looking for ways to get a business to pay you a jillion dollars for a Tweet sent to your 20,000 fake followers, click the back button.

I'd rather talk about how you can get a cool job Tweeting for businesses. Like, a real job; a job where you come into work every day and high-five a few people here and there when the going gets good.

We're in the stages of hiring new folks at my business this month so this sort of thing is at the top of my mind. I think a lot of people who want Tweeting jobs think "how easy!" and "what a sweet gig!." And yes, you'd be half right because it's a sweet gig, but it's not easy.

If you want to get paid to Tweet for a business, you need to be a pretty dynamic individual with a broad range of skills. If you're an employer looking to hire someone to Tweet, take these skills / personality traits into consideration:


If you want people to click on your links and talk to you, you'll have to write some pretty compelling stuff. Additionally, grammar and spelling are beyond important because grammar nazis are everywhere and making your boss look like a dope isn't cool.


Tweeting is a novelty to some businesses, but it gets real when they want to know how your campaigns are going. You should be able to tell your boss which Tweets perform best every month, which days of the week have the best response, and which times of the day you get the most clicks. 

More importantly, you should be able to tell your boss how many website visitors came in through Twitter and then turned into a paying customer. Being able to devise marketing plans to track followers to a brick and mortar business is even trickier. 

Having an analytical brain is crucial to a business that will care as much about the R (return) as the I (investment) in their ROI. And they will. 


In order to get to those results from your analytical brain, you must have a keen curiosity to find out what makes your followers click and respond. A business owner can certainly send out random Tweets on her own without any help from you. 

Your job will be to test different headlines, promotions and contests to see what works best. If you're not doing this, then you're not looking at the long-tail of your job position.


What's nice is that anyone can be a star in social media even if you're typically in introvert offline. The key here is to be an online party starter. The person who will thrive in a Tweeting job will organize Tweet chats, attend Tweet chats, respond to followers quickly and with energy, follow new people and engage with anybody that sparks their fancy.

If you've gotten this far, you're great at writing, you want to know the ROI, you're testing the crap out of everything and you're a social media butterfly. Great. Now, do you know what's right to say, and what's not? 


A business may look to you for an etiquette style guide on what's appropriate to Tweet about, and what's not. They may ask you not to talk about or share things from their competitors, and so you need to pay attention to those requests, or argue a good reason they should (partnerships?). 

Additionally, you will build a persona, but know when to refrain posting your personal grievances. A perfect example is a restaurant on Twitter who has a rough night of rude customers and posts a mini 140-character rant when they should be posting photos of the specials coming out of the kitchen.

Extra Bonus

Want to know the best way to get a job Tweeting? Just start doing it at your current job. If your restaurant isn't on Twitter, just start Tweeting (you might need to ask permission, or not depending on the type of boss you have). If your boring desk jobby job doesn't have an account yet, set one up. When you start getting new clients who saw you on Twitter, or your website traffic spikes, nobody will be complaining that you spent a little extra time doing some free marketing. And, you might get rewarded with a promotion that includes Tweeting full time.

Does getting paid to Tweet sounds awesome? Ready for your next Tweeting job? Well, so is everybody else, so get in line! Just kidding, but seriously. If you want a job running Twitter accounts for businesses, master all of these skills and then slam the interview with all of your newfound social media ninja expertise.

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