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7 Steps for Using Twitter to Get Your Next Job

How to schmooze your way into your next job in 140 characters or less


how to use twitter to get a job
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So you're on the job hunt, eh? Thinking about using Twitter to rub elbows with a few CEOs, eh? Good thinking! 

Most people don't realize that Twitter is a great place to meet future employers. The trick is to learn the long tail of this strategy, which is schmoozing with the higher ups long before you need a job. But, if you're in a rush and all panicky about a paycheck, then take this advice now.

Before you begin, make sure your profile is clean of any bad tweets. This is especially important if you're applying for a social media job where you'll be Tweeting for your paycheck. No swearing and no controversial rants on religion, politics and all that nonsense. Check your photo feed to see what's in there. Decide to maintain a work-suitable feed. Now that you're prepared, let's get hired, shall we?

1. Figure out for whom you want to work. Think about the coolest companies you could imagine getting a job with. Think about why you want to work for them and do a little online investigation into their company values. 

2. Find out who works for those companies. Some companies have a list of their employees' Twitter accounts, which makes this part easy, but most don't. So, do a little Twitter search and look up the company name to see who has it in the profiles.

3. Follow the people you have the most in common with. Get to know them, not only because you might be working with them some day but because it's rude to use someone for a job recommendation unless you tell them that's why you started following them.

4. Tell them that you're job hunting and that ... cool, you work for so and so, do you know of any job openings?

5. If there are job openings available (which you should probably already know before you ask), request any pointers for applying. If you're Twitter buddies at this point, then they might pitch your resume for you, or, if they're the hiring manager, they may get your email and pitch an interview time.

6. Do the interview and Tweet about how majorly excited you are to have interviewed. Gush over the @company and their offices on Twitter, and how much you would love the job. Thank the @person who recommended you. 

What I saying is: @ the hell out of that post-interview so that everybody in the company knows you give a major crap about getting this job. This is especially important if you're applying for a job at Twitter themselves!

7. Sit and wait like usual. Twitter ain't magic, yo. Don't harass the person who recommended you or the company you applied with. If you've done all of the above steps and you didn't get a callback, it's possible you just weren't the right fit.

And if you do, congratulations! Pass this on!

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