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The Twitter.com user experience almost seems supplemental when compared to the hundreds of Twitter applications and tools out there. One of the biggest reasons for Twitter's initial success was an open API that allowed developers to build Twitter tools and apps that complimented the platform. These Twitter apps can be used on desktops, mobile phones and online in order to create better interfaces for engaging with other users. These apps and tools help people analyze their profiles, track trends, unfollow users and include other analytical, automated tools.

Use HootSuite to Organize Multiple Accounts and Businesses
This Hootsuite review shows that a third-party Twitter application can effectively combine many platforms into one for business and consumer users.

Free Twitter Analytics Tools For Tracking Everything
Twitter analytics tools can help you make better decisions about what to Tweet, when to Tweet and how to Tweet them.

Popular Twitter Search Operators
To find quotes for articles on Twitter, or look for people asking questions you can answer, these popular Twitter search operators will do the tricl

Installing a Twitter Widget For Your Website
Whether your web marketing plan is more grande soy vanilla latte or venti caramel macchiato, there is a Twitter widget for your website in many flavors.

Automatic Twitter Feeds: Pros and Cons
Automatic Twitter feeds have revolutionized the way that business owners are able to use Twitter.

Twitter Advertisement: What Twitter Ads Have to Offer
A Twitter advertisement is not anything like a newspaper advertisement. When you buy a Twitter advertisement through Twitter Ads, you're buying space in someone's timeline.

Twicca for Android Review
Twicca for Android is one of the oldest Twitter clients. Don’t be fooled, however, it is also one of the most beloved, as it has been downloaded almost 5,000,000 times and has almost 50,000 reviews (accumulating to 4.5/5 stars) in the Google app store.

Carbon Twitter Client for Android Review
Carbon is a fairly new Twitter client on the Android platform. It originally started its life as a WebOS Twitter client. As an app for that now defunct platform, the Carbon Twitter app garnered high praise from users

Official Android Twitter App Review
The official Twitter app for Android is one of the most used apps on Google Play.

Plume for Twitter Review
Plume for Twitter is one of the best Twitter Android apps out there, and almost everyone agrees.

Falcon Pro App for Twitter Review
The story of Falcon Pro encompasses the huge problem that Twitter has when it comes to third party Twitter clients.

Boid for Twitter: Post Mortem of a Great App with Bad Timing
Boid was a Twitter client experiment. It was placed into the market to spur innovation in applications and Twitter clients. It was released at a time when Twitter was starting to close the window on third party Twitter clients. They encouraged other developers to adopt Android 4.0’s Holo design standard. Once they deemed that they had succeeded in driving this adoption, they pulled the app from the store and made it open source.

The 5 Best Android Twitter Apps
In my quest for the best Android Twitter app, I had some help from combined Android super-user and Twitter super-user since my expertise is more on the iPhone side and I wanted these reviews to have some perspective of a long-time user. Most of the apps are available and ready to download, and one of them has a super-secret way of getting in. If you're nerdy and dedicated enough, you might be able to figure it out yourself.

Pros and Cons of Twitter's Scheduled Tweets
Twitter launched scheduled Tweets via their ads platform. My primary concern is that they've rolled out the Tweet scheduling feature to businesses with ad accounts (most serious businesses on Twitter have them, whether they use them or not), however it currently lacks any serious business features.

5 Ways to Unfollow Twitter Users
The best reason to unfollow Twitter users is that you no longer like seeing what they’ve posted in your feed. They’re annoying, they post spam, and they make you think angry thoughts when you see them clouding up your feed.

Twitter Apps
The Twitter apps that connect to Twitter are many. There are ones for mobile, ones for business, ones for fun, and ones that are just plain silly. Consider this an archive of all our favorites.

Twitdom: Top Twitter Apps for Every Random Purpose
Just a handful of years after launching the open-source software YPOPS!, Bangalore-based developer Anuj Seth (@anujseth) founded Twitdom in 2009 as a directory and review source for applications compatible with the Twitter API. Since then, the hobby project has indexed more than 2,000 apps, all tagged and categorized according to use and purpose.

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