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13 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers

When someone decides whether to follow you on Twitter, there's always a moment's glance at your follower count. Like most measures of popularity, a high number of Twitter followers tells people that you're likeable, influential and noteworthy.

More Ways to Get Twitter Followers
Twitter Spotlight10

What to Tweet About: 10 Ideas for Restaurants

You’ve probably been told by this guy and that gal that you need to get on Twitter, but you have no idea what to Tweet about or what you’re supposed to do with it.

How to Use Twitter for SEO and More Website Traffic

Whether you’re a plumber or a reseller of yoga mats, you don't just need to learn Twitter for SEO, your website needs to be optimized for search too. Otherwise, why do you have a website? For the 10 people who read your URL on the side of your van while driving down the highway?

The Twitter Fail Whale: Gone but Not Forgotten

Call me Ishmael. Just kidding – call me Shawn. After all, the following (probably) won't rise to the literary heights of Moby-Dick, but it will tell the story of a white whale. The Twitter Fail Whale, to be exact.

What is Twitter Used For?

It’s come to my attention that many in the Internet community have been asking the question: What is Twitter used for?

Twitter Strategy Using Twitter Media Accounts

Like any social platform, Twitter wants its users to have the best experience possible. They want users to engage with the topics that interest them so that consistent communication can take place.

Twitter History Revealed in Book From Times Writer

The media hook for Nick Bilton’s Twitter history tell-all is that it’s a brutal take-down of Jack Dorsey, but just as he and each of his co-founders contributed their talents to the company's rapid ascent, they all, in turn, played a part in the slow crumbling of their alliance.

Monitoring Employees on Twitter: HR is Watching You

Writing on the internet is similar to writing with a permanent marker. What you say is a reflection on yourself and sometimes even your employer.

A Deep Look at LeBron James’ Twitter Profile

If there is any basketball player who knows how to ignite a fire in his fans (or even basketball fans who really hate him), it’s LeBron James. In today’s social-media-driven world, celebrities tend to sit on one side of the fence; either they create a social media presence for themselves or they avoid having one at all. Never being one to hide by the sidelines, LeBron James’ Twitter is a constant stream directly from the celebrity.

Twitter Leadership: A Jack Dorsey Biography

If they ever chisel out a Mount Rushmore for startup founders, Jack Dorsey’s bust is sure to be included. Largely credited with inventing Twitter, Dorsey has made quite a contribution to society. Thanks in large part to the microblogging service, social media is no longer dismissed as an escapist pastime – it’s now a vital part of our everyday lives.

How to Become Twitter Famous

Below, we’ve listed 10 ways to make it big – not from our personal experience, sadly, but rather with some recent real-world examples of men and women who got a lot more out of 140 characters than most of us do.

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