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13 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Twitter Followers

When someone decides whether to follow you on Twitter, there's always a moment's glance at your follower count. Like most measures of popularity, a high number of Twitter followers tells people that you're likeable, influential and noteworthy.

More Ways to Get Twitter Followers
Twitter Spotlight10

Twitter Leadership: A Jack Dorsey Biography

If they ever chisel out a Mount Rushmore for startup founders, Jack Dorsey’s bust is sure to be included. Largely credited with inventing Twitter, Dorsey has made quite a contribution to society. Thanks in large part to the microblogging service, social media is no longer dismissed as an escapist pastime – it’s now a vital part of our everyday lives.

How to Become Twitter Famous

Below, we’ve listed 10 ways to make it big – not from our personal experience, sadly, but rather with some recent real-world examples of men and women who got a lot more out of 140 characters than most of us do.

15 Brands Taking a Bite into the #Suarez Hashtags

Hashtags like #BanSuarez, #LuisSuarez and simply #Suarez are trending like crazy on Twitter right now. Here are some of the best attempts by brands to crack a joke about sinking your teeth into something.

25+ Free Kindle Books About Twitter for Amazon Prime Members

I recently wrote about the best Twitter books out there, but some of those books, plus lots of others are available as free Kindle books to rent for free if you have an Amazon Prime account.

17 Best Twitter Books for Tweeters

If you just want to learn more about using Twitter, here are the best Twitter books (specifically about Twitter) that I’ve come across.

Twitter Leadership: A Look at the Minds Behind Twitter

At the time of launch, the Twitter leadership team was comprised of four main people: Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Evan Williams, and Biz Stone.

A Twitter Strategy for Nonprofits

Some nonprofit organizations have seen significant results through social media and micropublishing on websites like Twitter and Facebook. An article on HubSpot details one such success story, involving a completely volunteer-driven nonprofit organization that raises money for childhood cancer research.

Twitter Font History and Changes: The Subtext

In May, when Twitter implemented a new typeface for most features on its site, the response was mixed. After all, it was the first time in the social media service’s eight years online that they had switched up the Twitter font, and longtime users were wondering whether it was necessary. In turn, the biggest question for many – even among those who liked the new look – was “Why?”

How Does Twitter Work?

While recent speculation about its demise was premature – if not just plain dumb – the fact remains that Twitter is facing a couple of challenges. One is its stock price, which is uneven, to put it kindly. The other is its gently eroding user base. Look, all social media sites see an ebb and flow in their user habits and demographics at various points, so rest assured that Twitter will weather this storm. But the reasons behind more than a few users abandoning their accounts – and fewer people starting accounts, according to current rates – do merit some consideration.

8 Keys to Promoting Events on Twitter

Does your business host events, or do you aspire to host and promote events? Live events have become increasingly popular because they afford a high fidelity, in-person experience. In today’s increasingly digital world, this type of interaction is valuable.

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